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Now that your Fleet is developing its own Research Lab, undertake special, limited time projects to change its look! Beginning on August 27, the "Remembered Research" project will add a new subject for research to the center of your Res...
Our latest Featured Episode "Butterfly Effect" is now live with our favorite Ferengi, Nog! Each week we’ll be rolling out additional rewards for the Featured Episode “Butterfly.” Last week’s rewards were the Temporal Phase Overc...
General: Resolved an issue that was causing the Conductive RCS Accelerator, the Crafted Engineering Console, to appear to grant permanent Critical Chance increases when triggered.  Subspace Party Amplifiers will no longer linger ind...
We're pleased to announce our very first Galactic News Network promotion! We need every able-bodied Officer and Warrior at the ready! With our latest Season 11 trailer now available, we're preparing for our final fight against t...

Arc Forum Maintenance: August 26

Posted Tue at 17:54
Hi Folks, Tomorrow morning, we will be running maintenance for our US Vanilla forums starting at 6:00 am PDT on Wednesday, August 26. We’re expecting the forums to be down for approximately 28 hours (returning to full operation at 10:...
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First Research Lab T3 upgrade starts the 31st. Lets fill er fast!
So the server gave up again....I am Waiting Craptic!
July 2015 Lag Check: [link]
T5 Sci is complete, GJ all!
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