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"First of all, I would like to apologize on behalf of the Star Trek Online team for the incorrect information posted in the Dilithium Weekend blog and the confusion that followed. Even though the in-game calendar text for the event is correct, we should have made doubly sure that the text in the blog was also correct. We have indeed adjusted the Dilithium Weekend. Unfortunately, the blog did not have the updated event information. I’m going to take it a moment to fully explain these changes and hopefully help everyone understand why these changes were made.

Our goal for the Dilithium Weekend is to provide the community of Star Trek Online with the opportunity to earn Dilithium at a significantly increased rate on any Dilithium earned through play for the duration of the weekend. As the event had been run over the last couple of years, we noticed a trend that fell out of line with the goal of players getting bonus Dilithium on anything they’ve earned through play over that weekend. While the earn rates for Dilithium remained fairly constant for any type of content that provided it as a reward, the earn rate for Dilithium that was collected using the mark conversion projects during the event skyrocketed. When we allowed mark conversion projects to gain a bonus during the Dilithium event, the vast majority of people were only using mark conversion projects during the event. By not offering a bonus on these projects, we are making mark conversion projects valid and valuable all the time, not only during the few Dilithium Weekends we run every year. We are committed to making sure that Dilithium is more available in game, and to that end we are currently working to introduce Dilithium rewards to episode and patrol play by the end of this month.

With that being said, it is understandably frustrating to expect one sort of bonus only to receive another. In order to make up for this error in communication, I will be converting the Dilithium Weekend we are running this weekend into a Dilithium Week. Everyone that logs into Star Trek Online can now earn Dilithium at an improved rate from the time you read this post through February 12th 2015 at 10 a.m. Again, I apologize for the lack of proper information in the blog and I look forward to seeing you in game and earning bonus Dilithium for an entire week.

Stephen Ricossa
Executive Producer"

Ghost nice but now is too late.

Guide Forum Revamp

SAB Admin posted Nov 30, 14
Howdy all, with Delta Rising and everything that has occurred, I have felt that we needed to present our guides in a more organized fashion. So I've made an entirely different forum for guides.

Anyone can make new threads in there, so if you are knowledgeable on something ingame, that you feel would help others, feel free to make a thread on it. I'll be adding in what I can as I go, but there are things that I don't focus on that some of you do, like ground..

Guides that are extremely detailed will be stickied. If someone has a question on something, they are welcome to make a thread for us to discuss in. There are tags that you can apply to a post when you make it, this will help to sort out post.

It will likely be a few weeks until there is a ton of content in there, but I hope to have tons there ready by the end of next month. You can access the guides section via the top menu or by going to

Thanks all, and keep up the great work!
Hello Fleet, today, we are making changes to the Spy Hunter and Space Invader ranks.

For Spy Hunter rank, which was previously used for recruiters, will become the new Senior Member rank. This rank gives members the ability to invite to fleet. It is NOT required that you recruit. The ability to invite to fleet is there for those that want to recruit or to shoot an invite to a fleetie that needs an alt invited in. IF you do want to recruit, there are some simple things to follow, there are guides up on the forums for those at Spy Hunter rank to read if they're interested.

The Requirements for Spy Hunter are:
  1. Be with the fleet for 3 months.
  2. Be registered on the fleet website.
  3. 100,000 Total Contributions to fleet projects.

The reasoning for the Total Contributions requirement being the same from Street Fighter to Spy Hunter is because we recognize that many members contribute more than to just projects. Talking in chat, getting STF's going, etc. is all helping the fleet.

For Space Invader:

The Space invader rank, which is currently the Junior Officer Rank, is gaining the power to Promote to a Lower Rank. Meaning if somebody brings an alt in, there are a significantly larger amount of fleeties that can bump them up to their rank.

Ghost yes! that will help.

Upgrade System

SAB Admin posted Sep 24, 14
Howdy fleet, with tomorrow's patch, the upgrade system will be introduced. They are letting us take our gear to MK XIII before delta rising. Here's some simple things to know about this system.

First, the most important thing. DO NOT USE BASIC OR IMPROVED UPGRADE KITS. ONLY USE SUPERIOR UPGRADE KITS! If you don't use Superior Upgrade Kits, you will be spending 6-7x the dil to upgrade your gear. Don't come complaining to anyone if you go and use the basic or improved, you're intentionally tossing your dil out the airlock.

Second, with this system, if they keep the XP the same, you should be able to lvl your crafting schools up extremely fast. IF you're lvl 5 in a school, you can craft the basic kits, which nets you 6,050xp for that school in from that 5m project. I would suggest crafting tons of these basic kits to lvl upto 15, where you can craft the superior kits. Do yourself a favor and vendor the basic kits.

Third, there will be guides on the site if this system confuses you in any way. Check the website and post any questions you have about this system there.

Thanks all and keep up the good work!
Yurell Admin I'm afraid they changed it, you only get 75 xp now. At least I did.

Changes to our Promotion Requirements

SAB Admin posted Aug 18, 14

Hello all.

Today we are making some major changes to our promotion requirements. These changes are to make it easier for Paperboys to get to Defender rank, and for Defenders to get to the Street Fighter rank.

Currently we require the following:

-To get promoted to Defender: Be with us 2 Weeks, join the website, and contribute 50k fleet credits worth of stuff to projects.

-For Defender to Street Fighter, we haven't had much of a clear requirement for it, other than it is the Senior Member Rank.

As of this fleet mail being sent out, these will be the new requirements:

-Paperboy to Defender: Be with us 1 Week and contribute 20k fleet credits worth of stuff to fleet projects, OR you can bypass the 1 week requirement by contributing 50k fleet credits worth of stuff to projects.

-Defender to Street Fighter: Be with us 4 Weeks, contribute 100k fleet credits worth of stuff to projects, and join the fleet website ( ).

The benefits of being on the website will remain the same; access to exclusive events, such as giveaways; increased interaction with fleeties; latest game news; and guides to many things ingame.

Thank you all, and great work on the Starbase, only a few days remaining until we can start the t5 Military Upgrade!

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