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 General: Added a few exclusive Federation-only Costumes to the Special Items section of the Dilithium Store including: 22nd Century MACO Uniform The Wrath of Khan Excursion Jacket The Wrath of Khan Engineer Vest The Wrath o...

No Profit But The Name

Posted 12 hours ago
Tarnh managed to keep his footing as the latest barrage of enemy phaser fire sheared through what was left of his ship’s port shields. The blood-red lighting of his command bridge fluctuated for a moment before dropping, leaving the room...

Gamescom 2016

Posted 13 hours ago
We excited to announce that our team will be present at GamesCom 2016 in Cologne, Germany for our annual Perfect World meet-up. But that’s not all we have planned for the biggest celebration of games in the world. This year, we’re going ...

Join Starfleet Today!

Posted 13 hours ago
JOIN STARFLEET TODAY!     Starfleet explores the stars and defends the United Federation of Planets from all threats. Starfleet officers are dedicated to advancing the Federation's knowledge of the galaxy, exploring strange new world...

Story So Far Part 2

Posted Tue at 11:00
As captains in Star Trek Online entered the year 2410, a number of conflicts were winding down throughout the galaxy. The discovery of an Iconian gateway on New Romulus led to another great find – the Solanae Dyson Sphere in the Delta Qu...
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Plz delete this account
Goodbye, TBC. It was fun for a while. Take care.
Whats up people, coming back to STO to check it out and see if it grabs my interrest again, you guys all still playing?
Agents of Yesterday, STO was such an easy game to play... Now I need a place to hide away, oh I believe in Agents of Yesterday
0o hehe so nice!
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