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Hello all, when TBC started on July 15th, we never thought the fleet would turn into what it has become. We started as a bank fleet, then turned into a shelter for those of us that split from our former fleet, Section 08, on August 2nd. We started with nothing but each other, yet we pushed ourselves and accomplished many great things over these past few months that took others much longer to do.

This year has been a blast thanks to all of the work each of you have put into the fleet. To pay you all back, we're announcing some great new changes to make TBC even better. Effective immediately, the Promotion Requirement is being lowered, from 100k contributions to 75k, with it getting lower and lower until it hits 20k next year when we have completed all fleet holdings.

On January 18th, to commemorate six great months, we will be having a massive Giveaway event, with various prizes that each of you will have a chance to win. Entries will start January 11th, with the full prize list being announced January 10th.

In addition to this, we're glad to announce that we've promoted a few more officers and recruiters. And we're starting as many fleet projects as we can to try and make it easier for everyone to contribute. We still have a bit of a dil drain with all of the upgrades that we've just had, but once those are over, that drain will go down majorly.

Thank you all for making TBC what it has become,
SAB / Sulu/ Erwin / Fox / Mog
maqkathy ...
AH Chimera Sure been fun!
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Zenarous Khal   The anonymous was me, forgot to log in first lol. See you guys around!
SAB   TY Zen!
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