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calv1701 Admin posted Aug 12, 15

Hi everyone first off let me start with an sincere apology to the fleet and to you sab

It was me that slotted the projects; I remember talking with sab last night he was talking about the projects. I had a complete lapse in memory as to whether or not we were supposed to do the projects. Unfortunately I had slotted them before I saw that “DON’T SLOT THEM” post and was unable to un-slot them. So I filled them to get them out the way.

Again, my sincere apologies. Feel free to demote me or whatever you feel necessary for this old farts failing brain.

Yours Faithfully


Yurell Admin Cal, we don't demote for this kind of behavior. However, if you like, a light flogging could be arranged, you kinky bast ...
Erwins40 Admin Indeed calv! Shit happends! I have great respect for people who commit there faults. demote ? I already thought u are a ...
Mog Admin Calv,,, you've been in this fleet too long to apologize for anything! Just tell everyone theys bitches and you did what ...

Season 10.5

SAB Admin posted Jul 13, 15

Howdy all, with Season 10.5 just around a corner, here's a recap of what's coming.

Hello fleet.

From today until June 16th, the 2015 Summer event is live! 

You can find any info for the event at this link:

Fleet wise, we're very close to finishing the Starbase, keep it up! If we keep pushing the Eng projects, the SB should have its final upgrade within 2-3 weeks.

Now, onto the next topic, the main one for this mail.

As of this patch, there was a split within the DPS channels. Part of the admin group kicked every out of the channels via Tribble while the server was down for the patch. The reason for the split was due to the rest of the admin group wanting a few changes to the DPS League table that would have seperated normal runs from the high end runs as you can't compare the ultra high end runs to your average channel run.

Invites are being sent back out to the DPS channels, we strongly encourage everyone to accept invites back into the old channels (10k/30k/50k/75k) and ignore the invites to (Bronze/Silver/Gold/Diamond). Invites may take upwards of a day or two to get fully sent out, is a few thousand players to reinvite.

Thanks all and keep up the good work!

TBC Leadership

Howdy all, S10 is bringing many new things for STO. This is just a little guide of what we're getting.

  • Sector Space Revamp

Here is an image of the new Sector Space Map (Some locations might have changed since this picture was taken).

  • New Iconian Episode

Atleast 2 new missions launching Tuesday.

Both Miral Paris and Tom Paris will be featured in these missions.

  • Pilot Specialization Tree Expansion

The Pilot Tree has been expanded to a full Tree.

New Pilot Bridge Officer Abilities will be released with this.

Only ships with Pilot Hybrid seats will be able to use these abilities.

The change to the Pilot Specialization will allow us to use any Primary Tree as a Secondary.

Activating a Primary Specialization as a Secondary will disable Tier 3/4

Space Gear:

Ground Gear:

Iconian Resistance Marks will be available from the Following PvE Queues:


Battle of Korfez

Gateway to Gre'Thor

The Herald Sphere


Brotherhood of the Sword

Bug Hunt

  • 3 New PvE Queues (2 Space and 1 Ground)

The Herald Sphere Elite (Space):  DPS Requirement for Elite: 30-50k DPS should be enough.

Gateway to Gre'Thor Elite (Space):  DPS Requirement for Elite: 75-100k+ DPS will barely be enough. Will likely need team communicating on Teamspeak if the queue remains as hard as it was in the video.

Brotherhood of the Sword (Ground): No video due to the Advanced/ Elite Being bugged when we had groups testing.

Tier 6 Fleet ships cost 5 fleet modules if you do not own the non-fleet Tier 6 version of the ship and 1 fleet module if you do.

On Fedside, TBC will have access to all of these ships on Day 1.


Fleet Experimental Science Vessel [T6] – Dauntless Class

Fleet Long Range Science Vessel [T6]– Pathfinder Class

Fleet Guardian Cruiser [T6]

Fleet Intel Cruiser [T6] – Eclipse Class

Fleet Intel Escort [T6] – Phantom Class

Fleet Intel Science Vessel [T6] – Scryer Class

Klingon Defense Force

Fleet MatHa Raptor [T6]

Fleet Qib Intel Battlecruiser [T6]

Romulan Republic

Fleet Aelahl Battlecruiser Warbird [T6]

Fleet Faeht Intel Warbird [T6]

Etain they have, again & again, forgot about my BORG CUBE and ASSIMILATED TRIBBLE, next time they forgot about it I'll ask ...

"First of all, I would like to apologize on behalf of the Star Trek Online team for the incorrect information posted in the Dilithium Weekend blog and the confusion that followed. Even though the in-game calendar text for the event is correct, we should have made doubly sure that the text in the blog was also correct. We have indeed adjusted the Dilithium Weekend. Unfortunately, the blog did not have the updated event information. I’m going to take it a moment to fully explain these changes and hopefully help everyone understand why these changes were made.

Our goal for the Dilithium Weekend is to provide the community of Star Trek Online with the opportunity to earn Dilithium at a significantly increased rate on any Dilithium earned through play for the duration of the weekend. As the event had been run over the last couple of years, we noticed a trend that fell out of line with the goal of players getting bonus Dilithium on anything they’ve earned through play over that weekend. While the earn rates for Dilithium remained fairly constant for any type of content that provided it as a reward, the earn rate for Dilithium that was collected using the mark conversion projects during the event skyrocketed. When we allowed mark conversion projects to gain a bonus during the Dilithium event, the vast majority of people were only using mark conversion projects during the event. By not offering a bonus on these projects, we are making mark conversion projects valid and valuable all the time, not only during the few Dilithium Weekends we run every year. We are committed to making sure that Dilithium is more available in game, and to that end we are currently working to introduce Dilithium rewards to episode and patrol play by the end of this month.

With that being said, it is understandably frustrating to expect one sort of bonus only to receive another. In order to make up for this error in communication, I will be converting the Dilithium Weekend we are running this weekend into a Dilithium Week. Everyone that logs into Star Trek Online can now earn Dilithium at an improved rate from the time you read this post through February 12th 2015 at 10 a.m. Again, I apologize for the lack of proper information in the blog and I look forward to seeing you in game and earning bonus Dilithium for an entire week.

Stephen Ricossa
Executive Producer"

Ghost nice but now is too late.
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